Kiwifruits Auditions

10174884_837807752915822_5468629259422346797_nAuditions for our second production of 2014 will be held at Kapiti Playhouse Theatre on Sunday 18th May at 2pm.

Kiwifruits, by Carl Nixon & Craig Cooper, is a New Zealand fairy tale. Not a children’s show, though, but a pantomime for adults with music, prince, down-trodden heroine, witch, femme fatale AND drag queens!! Fay Gay tells her fellow drag performer Tatiana the story of how the Castle Road Tavern was turned from a straight-up working men’s pub into a venue for spectacular drag shows.

Kiwifruits is a mad free-wheeling Kiwi version of the Cinderella story. It will be on stage 6th-16th August.

Scripts will be available from PaperPlus in Coastlands from Wednesday 7th May. Why not let us know you intend on auditioning by “joining” our event on Facebook?

The roles required are:

  • FAY GAY: A drag performer, late 40s
  • TATANIA: A drag performer and friend of Fay. Younger than Fay
  • BEN CORONA: Mid-20’s, outgoing, confident and handsome
  • REX CORONA: Widower and owner of the Castle Road Tavern. Ben’s father. 50s
  • ALLISON: 19, shy. Desperately in love with Ben
  • ERICA BLACK: A business woman in her late 40s. Allison’s mother
  • SERENA SELLERS: Lawyer, mid-20s