Motel poster - Final webBy April Phillips – Directed by Gennie Barton

Motels have historically always had a reputation one way or another.  Illicit rendezvous have taken place in them, movie stars have overdosed in them, rock stars have trashed them, murders have been committed in them, gangsters and others have plotted and committed various crimes in them and the backwater Motel is often featured in horror movies.

Have you ever wondered what was going on in the room next door? The argument that you heard? The shouting? The banging? The sudden silence? The laughter? This is your chance to come and be a voyeur into the lives of others.

Featuring four unrelated stories and ‘guests’ – linked by the Motel Manager whose own secrets are eventually revealed, the play was premiered and performed in August 2013 at The Basement Theatre Auckland and was critically acclaimed and nominated for Best Play SWANZ Awards 2013.


  • Ben: Alex Herdahl-Thorsing
  • Jenny: Rebecca Fraser
  • Pearl: Julia Harris
  • Harry: John Govier
  • Manager: Renwick Wright
  • Elvis: Cameron Sutton
  • Annabel: Tamsin Dashfield-Speight
  • Janet: Dominique Ware


18th-21st, and 25th-28th March at 8pm.


Available from Coastlands TicketDirect Information Desk or by calling 04-902 9885. Adults $22, Students/Senior Citizens $20, Groups of 6 or more $20. Also available online on the TicketDirect website. Please note additional fees may apply for online purchases.