Secret Bridesmaids’ Business

bridesmaids Poster - Proof 2a Final

By Elizabeth Coleman, Directed by Margaret Brown

The uproarious Australian comedy

Its the night before the wedding. All the stops are out for this fabulous wedding; the church, the cars, the elegant venue, the lavish wedding breakfast, the European honeymoon, the huge guest list but,… a ghastly secret could ruin everything. The Havisham effect hangs in the air like a mouldy cake.

The scene is a posh motel room somewhere in downtown Sydney, where the mother-of-the bride is fussing with the arrangements in an almost determined effort to create a crisis, though all is done with genuine maternal love. The bride is happy and glowing with the excitement of her big day. She is in love. Then a second bridesmaid arrives and brings with her a pernicious secret which she shares with the first bridesmaid. These two now have to decide what to do with this ugly and bitter pill.

The events are drawn directly from the life of contemporary young people so the dialogue is fast, racy and very, very funny as the story unfolds with non-stop action. Secret Bridesmaids’ Business had a long and successful run in Australia and reflects the humour, confidence and warmth of our closest and best loved neighbours.


  • Rebecca Fraser – Meg Bacon
  • Dafnis Vargas – James Davis
  • Calle Brooks – Colleen Bacon
  • Natalie Taiaki – Angela Dixon
  • Teresa Sullivan – Lucy Dean
  • Nikki McKelvie – Naomi Bartlett
  • Carol Lingard – Hotel Housemaid


  • 29 July – 1 August & 5 August – 8 August 2015 at 8pm
  • 2 August 2015 at 2pm


  • Adult $22
  • Senior/Students/CSC Holders $20
  • Kapiti Playhouse Members $15

Tickets now available at TicketDirect Information Desk in Coastlands or on the TicketDirect website (please note additional fees may apply for online ticket purchases).