Rex Havens is a college professor who gave up academic life to become a comedian – and what a hugely successful career change it’s been! Thru a mutual friend who introduced Tricia and Stewart of the Stetson Group to Rex, he is now going to perform one exclusive show called “WOMEN & CHILDREN FIRST!” at Kapiti Playhouse Theatre on the 6th of March.

It’s an uproariously hilarious, honest and frenzied tribute to men and women everywhere. As Rex says “Leave your ego at the door, have a seat, and laugh out loud at what silly, silly creatures humans can be.”

And here’s one of many reviews…

“Thank you for a wonderful performance! It is so refreshing to listen to a comedian who doesn’t use foul language and still gets huge laughs. You are truly a great performer!

Motorola, Inc.

Tickets can be purchased through and at Coastlands.