Auditions for Motel Coming Soon

8 people, four stories, one seedy motel room. Their stories and choices underscore the transience of life, love and death.

Gennie Barton will be directing Motel by April Phillips  – a New Zealand Playwright. Production dates 18th to 28th March 2015.

Auditions will be held on Sunday 14th December at 2pm at the theatre, Ruahine Street. Rehearsals will begin end of January 2015.

You can register your interest in the auditions now to be kept informed, or you can contact us to find out more information.


  • The Manager , – Creepy guy in his forties. A loner, unsmiling, doesn’t talk much.
  • Jenny, – smart business woman in her thirties. Usually confident and determined but very nervous about the plan she has come here to action.
  • Ben ,  – An attractive young student/male prostitute in his twenties. At times cocky, at times surly. He is a typical young man of his Generation Y. At heart a nice, sincere young man.
  • Harry, – Salt of the earth, a little cantankerous in his late sixties. A working class man, a little cantankerous but devoted to his wife. Harry is dying and in constant pain.
  • Pearl ,  – Meek, nervous,  warm hearted woman in her late sixties. Is terrified of being on her own and totally dependent on Harry, both emotionally and financially.
  • Elvis ,  – An affable, cheerful and optimistic “people person” in his early forties.
  • Annabel, – Is a confident, outspoken and slightly abrasive business woman in her thirties. Is used to getting her own way.
  • Janet, – Fifty-ish. Is wealthy, well presented, and well spoken. She is a socialite, who enjoys the status and lifestyle provided by her executive husband.