Snip & Bonking James Bond



  • Betty / Sam - Claire Fleming
  • James / Frank - Shaun Taiaki
  • Jeffrey - Renwick Wright
  • Penelope / Jenny - Lauren Ford-Jones
  • Don - Bruce Weir

Two One-Act Plays by April Phillips and directed by Liz Alpine


Frank’s wife wants him to have a vasectomy. His life won’t be worth living unless he gets the snip. What would a real man do? What would The Godfather do? Badda bing, badda boom, April Phillips’ sharp new comedy will have you in stitches!

Bonking James Bond

A warm hearted comedy about Betty who, having just discovered her husband is having an affair, will do anything to save her marriage even if it means dipping into fantasy and enlisting the help of a secret agent. By the end of the play she has developed self-esteem and strength and realises that she doesn’t need her marriage in order to be happy