Raven Mavens



  • Adults: $20

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Raven Mavens, Cindy Muggeridge and Marian Carter are two slinky songbirds. They have a love of the evergreen, bright and breezy, jazz and bluesy songs that take you places and put a twinkle in your eye, With Cindy rocking the boogie and blues on piano and Marian on soulful clarinet, these two fun-loving and versatile performers bring a sassy, sizzling, happy-go-lucky slant to their music.

Five years ago Marian and Cindy met at a jam session in Wellington and discovered an immediate musical chemistry. They have been playing and gigging together ever since, wherever and whenever possible in folk and blues clubs, cafes and street festivals, and the harmony and the chemistry just gets better. A comment from their last gig at the Tin Hut reads: ‘Thoroughly enjoyed your slick, seductive, professional and entertaining performance at the Tin Hut last night girls. Word of mouth will be at the tips of our lips.Great to see a packed house with everybody mesmerised.’

When invited to play at the Kapiti Playhouse, Marian and Cindy decided to make it a special night with an all female lineup by adding two of their favourite musicians.

Anje Glindemann on drums, has been playing with the Raven Mavens whenever the gig calls for toe tapping goodness. Her style alternates, sometimes light, sometimes rock’n, but always with a solid feel. Anje has the philosophy of playing the ‘song’ and not the ‘drums’ (while actually playing the drums). She has her own band The Salty Hearts, sits in with loads of others including Andrew London and loves to play with the Raven Mavens wherever possible.

And then there is the versatile Kate Marshall who plays accordion, flute and violin (really well) and she also sings. Kate started her musical life as a classically trained pianist, but had a tendency to improvise the ends of Mozart sonatas. It was decided that she should find some music to play where that was legitimate. She is usually found as part of the duo ‘Bob and Kate’ or with the band ‘Hard Candy’ where she enjoys mixing it up with blues, Cajun, Irish, jazz, you name it…

Expect this combination of talented women to dish up a variety of music and styles, from great divas like Bessie Smith and Nina Simone, to their own, original songs.

The mood will range from sensitive to burlesque, with a bit of story telling and hilarity on the side.

There is, of course, a story and a song behind the wonderful wahine theme, but you will need to come to the Playhouse on Saturday 30 September to find out what it is.

Tickets are on sale from 11 September, for this one-off Kapiti Playhouse special.