Heaven Help Us!



  • Angela - Claire Fleming
  • Simone - Kimberley Butterfield
  • Trevor - David Butterfield
  • Natasha - Grace Wynne-Ewens
  • Dorothy - Nancy McLean
  • Charles - Bruce Weir


  • Adults: $22
  • Seniors/Students: $20
  • Groups of 10 or more: $20
  • Members: $15

There’s trouble in Paradise. Heaven may be eternal, but it’s not infinite. In fact, it’s as full as a very full thing. Potential entrants have to hang around in the Waiting Room until a place opens up when someone breaks the rules and gets deported to The Other Place.

With St Peter off his game, the Waiting Room is being managed by Angela, whose recent choices have been a little less than inspired, and Simone, God’s ambitious CEO, wants her head. The latest batch appear to be a real disaster but Angela has a plan to redeem herself.